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Facebook Marketing SkillsFuture Course

Effective Social Media Marketing

From planning to hands-on execution of digital advertisements, get to experience digital marketing on Facebook and Instagram.

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Effective digital marketing for social media.

Join us to unlock the secrets of social media success, learn from real-world case studies, and gain hands-on experience in executing social media marketing campaigns that will keep you one step ahead of the competition.

Course Outline

This course has been designed as an introduction to digital marketing where learners will get a complete understanding of the different types of digital ads, how they’re bought, how much they cost, how they’re targeted, and more.

Learners will be equipped with informed decisions in the planning of marketing campaigns, identifying the appropriate platform for their marketing campaign, designing marketing collaterals and executing their social media campaigns.

At the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Recognise Facebook and Instagram trends
  • Recognise the key metrics to track and optimise your digital marketing ad spend
  • Ad campaign strategy and planning
  • Attribute various marketing campaigns and platforms to overall campaign performances to measure the Return on Investment (ROI) for each campaign and platform
  • Facebook Ads Manager and Instagram for Business
  • Design tips for creating eye-catching content with Canva

Workshop Highlights

Training Provider

Textile and Fashion Industry Training Centre (198301430C)

Course Duration

32 hours


  1. Digital Marketing (Inbound Marketing) for Retail (TGS-2022016592)
  2. Digital Marketing Social Media Marketing for Retail (TGS-2022016592)

Facebook Marketing SkillsFuture Course

Meet Your Instructor

Moses Simon, MBA

With over a decade of experience as a Coach, Moses has helped individuals and organizations navigate the ever-evolving. Furthermore, Moses taps on his past experience as a Facebook trainer and Apple partner trainer to bring with him a wealth of practical knowledge that can be applied to digital marketing for social media.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Inbound Marketing
  • Inbound v Outbound Marketing
  • Leveraging content marketing strategies for business growth Identifying trends and ideas with Google Trends
  • The Flywheel Model
  • Tips to building a marketing funnel that converts
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Fundamental Pillars of SEO
  • SEO Tools for Websites
  • Blog and Content Articles for SEO
  • Google Analytics and Google Search Console for monitoring website traffic
  • Content ideas for improving SEO
Email Marketing
  • Creating an email marketing funnel
  • Audience segmentation
  • Tips and techniques for crafting engaging EDMs
  • Email Marketing Software (Mailchimp)
Social Media Marketing (Facebook & Instagram)
  • Getting started on Meta Ads Manager
  • Understanding your audience demographics and interest groups
  • Launching and managing your Meta Ad Campaign Comprehensive overview of Meta advertising formats
  • Interpreting and Utilising data from Meta Campaign Reports
  • Assessing your ad campaign performance and optimisation techniques
  • Exploring Meta Ad Transparency
  • Executing remarketing campaigns
Social Media Analytics
  • Understanding the types of campaigns and objectives (Traffic, Lead Generation, Awareness etc.)
  • Key Performance Metrics (Reach, Engagement, Impressions, CPC and others)
  • Monitoring your ad results
  • Optimising your ads based on outcomes
Design Compelling Ad Creatives (Canva)
  • Introduction to Canva for ad creatives (Imagery and Media)
  • Typography and text enhancements
  • Writing compelling ad copies

Fees & Funding

Baseline Subsidy

The Baseline Subsidy applies to all:

  • Singaporeans (Ages 21 – 39 years old)
  • All Permanent Residents
  • Long Term Visitor Pass Plus (LTVP+)

Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy

The Mid Career Enhanced Subsidy is for Singaporeans aged 40 years old and above.

Facebook Marketing SkillsFuture Course

SkillsFuture Credits

All Singaporeans aged 25 years old and above can use their SkillsFuture Credits to offset the remaining fees after funding.

No Subsidies


Nett Fee Payable

Non-Singaporeans and Foreigners

70% Baseline Subsidy


SkillsFuture Credits and Mid-Career Transition Credits payable.

Singaporeans (Aged 21 - 39 years old)

Permanent Residents

Long Term Visitor Pass Plus (LTVP+)

90% Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy


SkillsFuture Credits and Mid-Career Transition Credits payable.

Singaporeans (Aged 40 and Above)

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Every Thursdays & Fridays

Timing: 9am – 6pm
Location: #02-12, TripleOne Somerset


4 Days Workshop:

28th Dec, 29th Dec, 4th Jan, 5th Jan

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the course fee SkillsFuture claimable?

Yes, learners may choose to use SkillsFuture Credit to pay for the course fees. SkillsFuture Credits are only eligible for Singaporeans above 25 years old. You may check your balance here.

What marketing platforms will we be touching on?

This course will focus on social media marketing channels such as Meta Ads Manager for learners to execute their campaigns on both Facebook and Instagram. Learners will understand the different types of campaigns such as Traffic, Lead Generation, Awareness and many others to determine the suitable campaign to execute depending on their marketing objectives and goals.

What kind of students will you find in our workshop?

You will find students from all walks of life in our beginner-friendly digital marketing workshop. This course is highly suited for Business Owners, Marketing Executives and Sales Executives as it focuses on helping businesses to achieve marketing and revenue goals through digital marketing campaigns.

Will I need any experience to join this workshop?

This workshop is designed to be beginner-friendly. You do not need any pre-qualification in digital marketing to join this workshop. The lesson plan has been designed to gradually infuse new learners into the realm of digital marketing and to equip them with the technical skillset to manage, execute and optimise their campaigns after the end of the course.

Who is this course delivered by?

This course is delivered by the Textile and Fashion Industry Training Centre (TAFTC). TAFTC is a SkillsFuture Registered Training Provider that delivers training in areas such as Textile and Retail.

Can my company sponsor me for the course?

Yes! This course has seen its fair share of company-sponsored learners joining the course to improve the marketing campaigns of their company. 

In addition, companies are eligible for Enhanced Training Support for SMEs (ETSS) of up to 70% for the course fee funding when sending employees for training. Chat with us to find out more about funding eligibility.

Chin Chee Ming

Trainers and helpful service staffs always lend a helping hand to the difficulties and doubts. Highly recommended for you to do your learning and training for digital marketing at this particular place.

Eleen Loh

Very comfortable, teaching is very enjoyable. The best thing, wouldn’t fall asleep, getting energetic to get more attention. Best teacher, very good…

Jazree Loh

Attended the digital marketing workshop and the facilitator was very knowledgeable and the lessons were clear and easy to understand. The school was also conducive and cozy with friendly staff who are always ready to help whenever you need it. 10/10 experience