Intelligent Value Investing

Intelligent Value Investing course skillsfuture wsq unicorn financial solutions.

Designed for beginner to intermediate investors, this value investing course is developed based on more than 20 years of investment research and best practices. 

Learn the fundamentals of value investing, deriving the intrinsic value of a company, and apply them to real-life case studies of Singapore and American companies.

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WSQ Intelligent Value Investing Course SkillsFuture

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intelligent investing course

Workshop Outcome

What will I learn?

  • Learn how to identify structural growing companies and pick trustworthy stocks. Analyse financial documents and real case studies

  • Derive the intrinsic value of a company, identify and discover undervalued stocks to potentially buy low and sell high when the time is right

  • Create your real life watchlist of structurally growing companies and apply value investing methodology

This workshop has been designed to help you learn the fundamentals of value investing from Singapore’s financial experts and investment researchers and build your investment portfolio with growth companies.

Value Investing Finance SkillsFuture Course

Course Information

Course Fee

Full Fee: $3,000.00

Singaporeans 21 – 39 yrs old or PRs 21 yrs & above$642.00

Singaporeans above 40 yrs old$321.00

* Course Fee shown here represents the nett fee (excl. GST)

Course Information

Intelligent Investing in the Era of Disruption

Reference No : TGS-2020508079
Course Duration : 24 hours (Online)
Funding Validity : 17 Jun 2020 – 01 Apr 2025