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Videography SkillsFuture Course WSQ

The Young Hustler


Calling for future board members between the ages of 8 -12
for an immersive and hands-on workshop!

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About this class

“Children are the leaders of our future.”

Well, that is a lot of truth to that statement. Indeed, your child is capable of so much more!

He or she could be the key decision-maker on the design of a product and its output quantity. The best part? Your child would be able to see it all come to life! 

This August, we will be running a series of specialised workforce skills-based workshops for children to understand the basic levels of design, marketing, finance, and public relations. 

What will be taught?

  • How to create creative visuals for product packaging and social media posts.
  • What is it like to manage social media channels and brand communications?
  • Learn how to craft persuasive content for brand messages for social media channels and events. 
  • How to oversee and analyse cost expenditures for developing products.

At the end of this immersive and hands-on workshop, four of them will be selected to fill the roles below. They will be Singapore’s first-ever children-led board of directors for an actual company and will be embarking on an exciting project. Eventually, they will be able to witness their learned concepts turn into reality.This is as real as it gets! 

  • Creative Director
  • Marketing Director
  • PR Director
  • Finance Director

Uncover your child’s untapped potential with us. Your child could be a leader sooner than expected!

Videography SkillsFuture Course WSQ

Photography Workshop SkillsFuture

Training Provider

Hustle Singapore

Course Duration

12 hours

Upcoming dates

Weekends: Aug 21 – Aug 28

Day: Every Sundays
Time: 10am – 1pm
Location: #02-12/13 TripleOne Somerset (Somerset MRT)

Course fees


Full Fees

The course fee amount is inclusive of GST.


Frequently asked questions.

Is there any criteria that my child has to fulfil before I can register him/her for the workshop?

All you got to do is to get your little one to craft out their resume, be it digital or hand-drawn, or record a 1-minute resume video. Then upload it to the signup page by 31st July 2022, 23:59!

Does my child have to have prior experience in the related positions?
Of course not! Your child just needs to do his/her best, and blow our socks off in his/her resume.
Can I accompany my child during the workshop?
Unfortunately, you would have to part with your little one for a bit so that he/she can fully immerse himself/herself in our fun-filled workshop. Rest assured, he/she will be in good hands as our attentive trainers and staff on the ground would be able to tend to their every need.
What if my child is unable to attend all days of the workshop?

We would require all attendees to be present for all days to make an informed decision at the end of the workshop.

What will the selection process be like?

At the end of the workshop, trainers of the workshop will select the four board of directors. As the trainers would have interacted the most with your child and gotten to know them on a more personal level, they will be the key decision-makers.

What is the product of this project that my child might be potentially involved in?

As a team, your child will be involved in rebranding Food Union’s Lakto dairy product line, as part of Yummy United’s latest offering. Lakto offers protein-rich cheese curd bars and ice creams made with the freshest Nordic milk and coated with Belgian chocolate. 100% preservative free, Lakto brings to every family’s table snacks that are a great nutritional source of energy for children aged 3 and above.