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A Guide to SkillsFuture Credits

by Arthur Yang  October 30, 2023
Midjourney - A Basic Guide For Beginners

Have you used your SkillsFuture credits yet?

Or are you just as confused as to how to go about using it?

In our “Guide to SkillsFuture” we hope to simplify the various steps for you to start your upskilling journey.

Here’s a glimpse of what we’ll explore:

1. What is SkillsFuture?

2. How much do I have in my SkillsFuture account?

4. How do I check my SkillsFuture credit balance?

3. Is there additional SkillsFuture benefits for target groups?

5. How do I search for SkillsFuture eligible courses?

6. How to submit a SkillsFuture credit claim?

7. Conclusion

Let’s start!

Guide SkillsFuture Credit

Guide SkillsFuture Credit

Guide SkillsFuture Credit

Guide SkillsFuture Credit

Guide SkillsFuture Credit

Guide SkillsFuture Credit

Guide SkillsFuture Credit

What Is SkillsFuture?

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SkillsFuture is a nation-wide initiative in Singapore aimed at empowering individuals at all stages of life to reach their full potential.

It emphasises the importance of continuous learning and skills development, regardless of one’s starting point in education or career.

The initiative encourages people to pursue mastery in skills, not just for current roles, but as a lifelong mindset, promoting excellence through knowledge, application, and experience.

It provides credits for Singaporeans aged 25 and above to go for upskilling courses.

With the support of various stakeholders including education providers, employers, and unions, SkillsFuture enables individuals to shape a better future by investing in their skills and learning throughout their lives.

How much do I have in my SkillsFuture account?

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In short, if you have not used any of your SkillsFuture credit, you should have S$1,000 in your account by default.

However, the breakdown is less straightforward.

Let me explain!

#1 — Opening Credit (S$500 with no expiry)

SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) encourages individuals to actively manage their skill enhancement and lifelong learning journey.

As part of this initiative, Singapore Citizens aged 25 and above have been provided with an initial SkillsFuture Credit of S$500 since 2015.

This credit can be utilised in addition to existing SSG course fee subsidies to cover a variety of approved skills-related courses.

There is no expiration date for this initial credit, giving individuals the flexibility to use it at their own pace.

#2 — One-off top up (S$500 expiring in 2025)

To promote timely reskilling and upskilling among Singaporeans, a single additional top-up of $500 in SkillsFuture Credit was granted to every Singaporean Citizen aged 25 and above as of December 31, 2020.

This extra credit, can be used for SkillsFuture Credit-eligible courses.

It will expire in December 31, 2025.

Do remember to use them before then!

 Is there additional SkillsFuture benefits for target groups?

Apart from the base credits above, there are additional benefits for those who belong to a few target groups.

Check below to find out if you belong to one of them!

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#1 — Mid-career switchers

If you are between the age of 40 to 60 as at 31 December 2020, you will receive a one-off Additional SkillsFuture Credit (Mid-Career Support) amounting to S$500.

This is in addition to the S$500 base top up from earlier.

This aims to promote reskilling or upskilling of mid-careerists

Courses that are eligible for the Additional SkillsFuture Credit (Mid-Career Support) are

Keep in mind that the S$500 Additional SkillsFuture Credit (Mid-Career Support) will expire on 31 December 2025.

#2 — Low-wage workers

In July 2023, the Workfare Skills Support (WSS) scheme was enhanced to include a larger group of lower-wage workers.

It is targeted at those aged 30 and above with an average gross monthly income of not more than S$2,500 for the past 12 months.

Qualified individuals are eligible for a Training Allowance at a rate of S$6 per hour.

There is also a Training Commitment Award (TCA) capped at S$1,000 per WSS Eligibility year for those who complete the courses.

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Check this list here for courses eligible for the TCA.

#3 — Students

Students are able to tap on the Work-Study Programme and the Post Secondary Education Account (PSEA) to go for SkillsFuture eligible courses.


Work-Study Programme

1. Work-Study Certificate

This initiative allows local graduates within three years of graduation from ITE and Polytechnics, or the Operational Ready Date for full-time National Servicemen, to learn industry-specific skills.

Participants are matched with jobs related to their field of study and undergo a 12- to 18-month structured training program.

Benefits include earning a salary, gaining full-time employment with participating companies, enhancing skills through workplace learning and mentorship, acquiring industry-relevant experience, obtaining an industry-recognised certificate, and receiving a sign-on incentive of S$5,000.

2. Work-Study Degree

The SkillsFuture Work-Study Degree (WSDeg) program is designed to facilitate a smooth transition from education to the workplace.

This initiative is suitable for Polytechnic and Junior College students, as well as working adults aspiring to pursue a local university degree at NUS, NTU, SIT, SMU and SUSS.

Participants benefit by applying theoretical knowledge in real work settings, enhancing their job readiness.

Additionally, they receive support from sponsoring companies, including tuition fee sponsorship, stipends, and sign-on bonuses.

Graduates also have strong prospects for career opportunities within their sponsoring companies.

3. Work-Study Diploma

The Work-Study Diploma (WSDip) program targets recent graduates from the Institute of Technical Education (ITE), providing them with a head start in their careers related to their field of study.

For individuals, the program offers structured training lasting 12 to 36 months, including facilitated learning, on-the-job training, and work-based projects.

Participants receive a competitive salary, full-time employment, mentorship, and a well-defined career progression pathway. Upon completion, graduates receive an industry-recognised Diploma-level qualification and potential wage progression or career advancement based on performance.

A sign-on incentive of S$5,000 is offered for most programs.

For employers, WSDip provides an opportunity to recruit and prepare local fresh graduates for suitable roles, contributing to their talent development plans.

The program covers various sectors such as Business & Services, Engineering, and Infocomm & Media. Interested individuals can apply for specific Work-Study Diplomas based on their preferences and qualifications.

4. Work-Study Post-Diploma

The Work-Study Post-Diploma (WSPostDip) program is tailored for recent graduates from Polytechnics, offering a head start in their careers related to their field of study through a work-study arrangement.

For individuals, the program provides a 12- to 18-month structured training opportunity, offering a competitive salary and full-time employment with participating companies.

Participants deepen their skills through workplace learning, mentorship, and facilitated learning, gaining relevant industry experience.

Completion leads to an industry-recognised Post-Diploma qualification or professional certification, along with a sign-on incentive of S$5,000 for most programs.

Graduates may also benefit from skills-based wage increments and career advancement pathways based on job performance and expanded responsibilities.

Selected WSPostDip graduates can receive advanced standing or credit exemptions for relevant degree programs, subject to meeting course entry requirements.

Employers, including companies, societies, and non-profit organizations registered or incorporated in Singapore, can participate in the program to recruit and prepare local fresh graduates for suitable roles, aligning with their talent development needs.

Post Secondary Education Account (PSEA)

1. What is PSEA?

The Post-Secondary Education Account (PSEA) is an account administered by the Ministry of Education (MOE) that is automatically available for all eligible Singaporeans.

It can be used for various types of courses, including full qualification courses, skills-based modular courses, approved modular and short courses, as well as programs in government-supported Special Education schools and training courses for persons with disabilities under SG Enable.

PSEA funds can be used to pay for approved programs in MOE’s list of institutions and can also be used to repay government education loans and financial schemes such as Tuition Fee Loan, Study Loan, or Overseas Student Programme Loan.

Who is eligible?

PSEA is available for all eligible Singaporeans.

When does it expire?

Your PSEA account will be automatically closed in the middle of the year when you turn 31.

The unused funds in the account will be transferred to your CPF Ordinary Account (CPF-OA).

How to access it?

You can check your PSEA balance through an annual statement mailed to you by the end of March each year.

Additionally, you can call the 24-hour automated PSEA hotline at 6260 0777 to check your latest PSEA balance.

If you do not have enough SkillsFuture Credit to cover the course fee, you can use your PSEA funds to offset the remaining cost, provided the course is PSEA-eligible.

Please note that if you’re applying for both SkillsFuture Credit and PSEA for fee payment, SkillsFuture Credit will be used first before PSEA.

Alternatively, you can find out more from MOE’s website here.

How do I check my SkillsFuture credit balance?

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To access the MySkillsFuture portal, go to and click on ‘Digital Services’ > ‘Individuals’ > ‘Claim SkillsFuture Credits’ for login.

You can also log in through the Tools and Resources tab, Course Search, and Profile Icon dropdown.

A Singpass login is required to access the portal.

After logging in, you can view your balance of your SkillsFuture Credit overview under ‘Account Details’.

If you’re eligible for the one-off SkillsFuture Credit Top-up and Additional SkillsFuture Credit (Mid-Career Support), these balances will also be visible in this section.

How do I search for SkillsFuture eligible courses?

Midjourney – A Basic Guide For Beginners

You can find available courses on the SkillsFuture Course Directory.

Here are some tips to improve your search!

1. Search Bar 

If you know the course you want, simply enter the query in the search bar.

Using quotation marks (“”) around your search query can refine results.

2. Keywords

Courses are tagged with keywords, organized into categories.

These include Career Transition Programs and PSEA-eligible courses, claimable from Post-Secondary Education Account (PSEA).

3. Categories

Courses are curated into different training areas.

Whether you’re interested in Human Resource Management or ICT, you can find relevant training areas matching your upskilling needs.

4. Filters

Utilise search filters on the left side of the page.

Filters include ‘training duration’, ‘course fee’, and ‘training partner’, enabling easy browsing and helping you find programs that suit your requirements.

How to submit a SkillsFuture credit claim?

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You can follow the steps below to submit a SkillsFuture claim after enrolling in a course.

1.    Log in on MySkillsFuture with Singpass and go to ‘SkillsFuture Credit’ 

2.    Click on ‘Proceed to Submit a Claim’. Alternatively, you can click on ‘View Course Enrolments’ for a list of enrolled courses that your Training Provider has provided.

3.    Click on ‘View More’ for enrolled course. Select the course you would like to claim SkillsFuture Credit for, and click on ‘Submit Claim’.

4.    The page will show your course details and the course run or course start date. Scroll down to key in payment details and upload supporting documents. Check the ‘Terms & Conditions’ checkbox and click ‘Submit’.

5.    Agree to the terms and conditions. Click Submit.

6.    A pop-up for your declaration will appear. Click on Agree and Submit.


SkillsFuture credits are available for Singaporeans to reskill and upskill themselves.

Make good use of your SkillsFuture credit before they expire by enrolling in our courses!

Feel free to check out our previous blog on SkillsFuture credits here.

You can also contact us via the chatbot or simply drop us a DM on our Instagram page if you’d like.