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Beyond the hype: How 3 local NFT artists found their place in the metaverse

by Wei Ying  June 30, 2022
There’s so much talk on how one can earn lots of money in the NFT trade, be it launching your creation or becoming an NFT investor. It certainly sounds enticing, but how do you know if you have what it takes to dabble in this space?

#1: Ellaces

Ellaces, also known as Ella, is a self-taught illustrator based in Singapore. With drawing as her hobby since childhood, Ellaces often creates her art based on experiences she encounters in life. Thus, giving each of her pieces of art a meaningful backstory.

How does NFT fit in her life?

We’ve got a hustler here! She juggles two roles, one as a Business Development Executive in ShopDeFi and another as co-founder of a local community called SG NFT Creators, which aims to unite local NFT creators and raise awareness about NFTs in Singapore.

Singapore’s first NFT creators IG group @sgnftcreators

How did her life get intertwined with NFTs?

I would have never imagined myself pursuing art since I studied business in university, and doing art as a career was definitely out of the question!

– Ellaces

How has it been ever since NFTs entered her life?

What has Ellaces been up to?

Upon entering the NFT space in September 2021, Ellaces’s works have been launched across multiple NFT platforms such as OpenSea, Foundation, and OBJKT. She is currently focusing on releasing her 1/1s on the first two mentioned platforms.
Ellaces’s work, Flower Power is now officially minted and listed for sale on FND.

#2: The Next Most Famous Artist (TNMFA)

TNMFA is a digital artist based in Singapore, and his body of work explores different artworks and mediums while spotlighting various social issues and highlighting the beauty of everyday life. He is known for reimagining classical paintings by re-staging their protagonists in contemporary settings.


How did he stumble upon NFTs?

Previously, I could only rely on physical prints to sell my works but with NFTs, there is another layer of financial possibilities!

– The Next Most Famous Artist (TNMFA)

How has it been ever since NFTs entered his life?

Nymphs of the Cloud Forest by TNFMA

#3: Mother Hen

 @thehiddenwalls Doodverse is an experimental playground where Mother Hen freely expresses, explores and expands on her art

How does NFT fit in her life?

Just like Ellaces, Mother Hen is also part of SG NFT Creator, where she holds the role of a community manager.
Moving Mountains by Mother Hen

Would they recommend their Web 2.0 creator friend to join the Web 3.0 space?


Next steps to take to kickstart your NFT journey!

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