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Side Hustler In Singapore: Freelance Model

by Wei Ying  April 8, 2022
“Back then, working multiple jobs was necessary. More work equals more money. ”

Getting paid for how you look (you have to look good, of course) is literally a dream come true for anyone. However, this did not satisfy charming 28-year-old Indian freelance model and talent, Poobalan, who looks just like a Greek statue in a museum. He has bigger plans for his future.

Throughout your life, how many different types of side hustles have you had? What is your main hustle?

My friends and I had to pool money to buy a drink after street soccer.


Despite Poobalan’s hipster dressing, coupled with his air of confidence, he actually comes from a humble background.

Why do you choose to side hustle?

A couple of kids playing soccer

How did you land in modelling?

A side profile of Poobalan

How has your view about modelling changed since when you first started out?

Poobalan featured in a print ad for Sentosa

Modelling and financial advising are two very different industries. How did modelling lead to the latter? Do the two work hand in hand for you?

I feel strongly about representing myself, my community, and the people that look like me, who were not as looked at in the past for modelling jobs and TVCs.


Do you find it hard to juggle modelling and financial advising?

Poobalan was featured in an ad for Citibank

What is your all-time favourite shoot or commercial?

Glamorising that no rest is needed is not the way to go.


What is your take on the common ideology of hustle culture?

Poobalan was featured in a television commercial for Mac Donald’s