Top 3 TikTok marketers in Singapore

by Wei Ying  May 12, 2022
When TikTok started peaking in 2021, I was not in on the game. Instead, I was throwing some serious shade at my teenage sister for being so hooked on watching TikTok videos and calling her out for being too old for the app. But boy, am I eating my words now.

1. Marcus Luah

2. Double Up SG


《第三集》Ah Beng 去提亲,未来公婆长这个样子?! 想要青春永驻就必须要保养皮肤! 现在就到 @unniekshopsg 的网址下单 (,宠一宠自己的肌肤。@mayiduosg @evonlotion @aizaiaisteady @lukeyyychan

♬ original sound – Doubleupsg – Doubleupsg

3. Ng Ming Wei

What can TikTok do for brands?

Charli D’Amelio holding onto “The Charli”, her favourite order of — a Dunkin’ Cold Brew with whole milk and three pumps of caramel swirl. A new collaboration launched by Dunkin’ with teen TikTok influencer.