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CapCut vs Professional Tools

by Arthur Yang October 26, 2023
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Have you wondered why CapCut is rising in popularity in recent years?

Which users would benefit from CapCut? 

How does it compare to other professional editing tools like Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro?

This article will answer your questions below.

Let’s get started!

CapCut vs Professional Tools

CapCut vs Professional Tools

CapCut vs Professional Tools

CapCut vs Professional Tools

#1 — CapCut’s Capabilities

Hustle student taking up digital art with procreate course

CapCut, developed by ByteDance, is a user-friendly mobile video editing app tailored to amateur videographers.

Its intuitive interface and basic tools make it accessible to beginners.

CapCut offers a range of filters, effects, and transitions for easy video enhancement, along with text, stickers, and music insertion for personalisation.

Speed control allows for creative effects like slow motion.

Pre-designed templates simplify video editing, making it ideal for amateurs looking to create professional content swiftly.

CapCut integrates seamlessly with social media platforms and regularly updates to stay current with editing trends, making it a preferred choice for novice video creators seeking high-quality results.

What sets CapCut apart from professional tools like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro is its simplicity and accessibility.

While the latter are robust and feature-rich, CapCut caters specifically to beginners with a more straightforward and intuitive user interface, making it an excellent choice for those new to video editing.

#2 — Students’ reviews

We asked some of our students to give us a review of CapCut.

Check out their responses below.

Edy, Founder of D’Penyet 

Hustle student taking up digital art with procreate course

One of our students, Edy, is the founder behind the D’Penyetz brand.

Back in 2005, he kickstarted this home-grown fried chicken franchise, which has since flourished and expanded its wings to Australia, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Brunei.

Edy joined our Mobile Photography course with a specific aim: to boost his brand’s presence on social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook.

Thanks to the skills he gained through our course, Edy is now directing photoshoots and content creation for his brand.

Beyond the professional sphere, Edy is a passionate traveler and plans to document his adventures through his photography skills.

CapCut has proven to be an effective tool for Edy to edit on the fly.

Check out his highlight here!

Rock Entertainment

Hustle student taking up digital art with procreate course

“We tried letting go of our editor’s pride to use CapCut and now I’m obsessed with it.”

We also interviewed some students from Rock Entertainment, a Southeast Asian TV channel that operates around the clock.

They are industry professionals that create content for the channel and have been using Adobe Premiere Pro for their work.

After trying out CapCut, they found it more convenient and faster.

The big plus for them is that CapCut can be used on a smartphone, without the need for a computer.

#3 — Social Media Content Creation

Hustle student taking up digital art with procreate course

CapCut’s technology is suitable for exporting to TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube because it simplifies the export process by providing optimised settings, custom aspect ratios, and direct sharing options.

It also offers the necessary tools to enhance videos for these platforms and maintains high-quality output while keeping up with platform-specific updates.

These features make it an excellent choice for amateur and professional content creators looking to share their work on popular social media platforms.


CapCut facilitates seamless video exports to TikTok with its tailored features.

It provides optimised export settings that meet TikTok’s resolution and aspect ratio requirements, ensuring videos are perfectly suited for the platform.

Users can effortlessly choose the popular 9:16 aspect ratio for vertical content, and CapCut offers a range of in-app editing tools, such as filters, stickers, and effects, which are well-received by TikTok’s audience.


When it comes to Instagram, CapCut simplifies the export process by offering optimised export settings that align with the platform’s requirements.

Users can select the 1:1 aspect ratio commonly used for Instagram posts and stories.

Moreover, CapCut’s in-app editing features enable users to add trendy filters, stickers, and text overlays, enhancing their videos to resonate with the Instagram community.


For YouTube content creators, CapCut’s technology ensures a seamless export experience.

It offers optimised export settings that match YouTube’s recommendations for resolution and aspect ratio, guaranteeing that videos look professional on the platform.

You can choose the 16:9 aspect ratio often preferred for YouTube content.

CapCut maintains high video quality during the export process and provides fast rendering, allowing users to swiftly upload their content to YouTube.

Additionally, the app keeps up with platform-specific updates, ensuring that content remains relevant in a dynamic YouTube environment.

#4 — Conclusion

CapCut vs Professional Tools

What distinguishes CapCut from professional tools like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro is its user-friendliness, making it accessible to newcomers.

This positions CapCut as an excellent choice for those new to video editing, offering creativity to both beginners and seasoned professionals.

To start your journey, consider joining our Mobile Videography and Video Editing class.

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