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Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Modern Entrepreneur?

by Wei Ying  August 19, 2022

“Is entrepreneurship that hard a concept to grasp?”

“Not all laws are favourable for SMEs. Many have to fight for their survival.”

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#1 – Get That PhD!

Being a modern entrepreneur does not require one to hold a doctorate in any field, but they need the following traits — Passion for life, Hunger for success, and the Discipline to persevere.

One has got to have that drive to want to overcome all odds, no matter what external obstacles, such as laws that might come in the way, and ride it out through the tough times. If you do not have the willpower and fight for what you are crazy about, no one else can do it for you!

#2 – Upskill Or Stagnate

Now I cannot emphasise how important this is as it was reiterated many times during the talk!

  1. Self-Leadership
  2. Building of Core Skill
  3. Managerial Skill
Developmental phases

#3— Think From All Sides

Unfortunately, being an entrepreneur would require you to do more than just all action and no words or vice versa. Or worse, you could act on pure impulse!

Making Of A Modern Entrepreneur

What a great turnout!