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Side Hustler in Singapore: An Artist For The People

by Wei Ying  July 26, 2022
“Back in the day, choosing to go down the art path would mean that one might not be as academically inclined.”

When and how did you start being an artist?

Belinda painting a mural of Vincent Van Gogh’s Wheat Fields at Van Gogh Town in Singapore

Have you always started out painting murals?

What projects are you currently working on?

Belinda’s completed mural at Sago Lane

Someone said that I am like a speed painter because I am so prolific. As I can only mostly paint on weekends, I don’t have a choice but to paint fast.

– Belinda Low

What does a regular week look like for you? Is it tough to juggle the two?

How do you land these projects and are you remunerated in any way?

What is the first artwork that you created?

Which type of paint do you work with most often and why? What is your favourite type of paint to work with?

Belinda painting a mural of the merlion at Hong Lim Park Complex

Acrylic paint allows me to correct my mistakes by painting over them, and this removes my fear.

– Belinda Low

How is acrylic different from other paints, such as oil and watercolour?

What motivates you to keep doing what you do?

Five of the characters in this mural were based on real people living in Holland Village

Did you face any obstacles in your journey as an artist?

What is your take on the art scene, especially in your field of work, in Singapore?

Belinda’s take on the Wheat Fields by Vincent Van Gogh

Never think that you have arrived, for creativity is boundless.

– Belinda Low

Hustle runs an acrylic workshop for our students too. Any advice or words of encouragement to share as an acrylic painter-cum-side hustler?