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Tharman Triump – Potential of Public Speaking Communication

by Shawn Toh  September 08, 2023
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Public speaking is an art that transcends mere words; it’s a skill that can shape careers, influence opinions, and even secure victories in the political arena. To understand the true impact of public speaking, let’s delve into what it encompasses, how body language plays a crucial role, and how it can transform lives, using Tharman’s remarkable journey as a case study.

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#1 — What Does Public Speaking Cater To?

Public speaking goes beyond verbal communication. It encompasses authenticity, adaptability, substance, and humor. It’s about connecting with your audience on a personal level, addressing their concerns, and inspiring them with well-researched solutions. Tharman’s success in the 2023 Singapore Presidential Election exemplifies these principles.


#2 — The Power of Body Language

Effective public speaking is not just about words; it’s also about body language. Tharman’s confidence and presence on the podium conveyed a sense of authenticity and authority. His body language underscored his words, making his message more compelling. Learn how to use your gestures, posture, and eye contact to enhance your speaking skills.


#3 — Impact and Transformation

  • Tharman’s ability to win 70% of the votes demonstrates the profound impact of public speaking. His clear, substantive, and empathetic communication style resonated with diverse audiences. With good public speaking skills, you can inspire change, build trust, and connect with people on a deep level, just like Tharman did.


#4 — Interested in bringing out the best in yourself?

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