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Creative Storytelling

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Every day we are all engaged in some form of selling whether you know it or not. 

Whether you are a teacher, parent, or salesperson trying to promote your company’s product or trying to motivate a teenager, you are actually selling to convince the other party to buy into your story.  Your ability to influence and persuade the other side will determine how successful you will be at convincing people to buy into your story.

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WSQ Creative Storytelling Course SkillsFuture

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Workshop Outcome

What will I learn?

Combining the Art and Science of storytelling into a 2-day training program, you will learn

  1. Fundamentals skills of telling stories
  2. Techniques of storytelling
  3. Knowledge to apply storytelling skills in a business context whether its sales, marketing, customer service or operations and strategic planning

Everyone loves to hear a story. An effective salesperson is a good storyteller who will evoke the emotions of his audience in order to convince an idea. Research studies have shown the science behind the rational of telling a story, such that:

  • People retain more through stories
  • Stories appeal to both logic and emotions
  • Stories make clients visualize the product in the context of their operations
  • Stories evoke emotions and thus encourage action

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Full Fee: $800.00

Singaporeans 21 – 39 yrs old or PRs 21 yrs & above$560.00

Singaporeans above 40 yrs old$80.00

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Course Information

Creative Storytelling

Reference No : TGS-2019504587
Course Duration : 16 hours
Funding Validity : 01 Oct 2019 – 30 Sep 2023