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A Complete Guide to WSQ Certificates

by Arthur Yang  December 26, 2023
WSQ Certs Guide
WSQ courses are a quick way to learn a new employable skill. The main draw is that they offer bite-sized learning modules, making it easy and accessible for everyone. Furthermore, WSQ courses are also eligible for SkillsFuture funding, meaning you pay little to upskill. Here is what you need to know about WSQ e-Certificates.  
1. What is WSQ?
2. What are WSQ e-Certificates?
4. What is the Skills Passport?
3. Where do I download my WSQ e-Certificates from?
5. How do I convert my Statement of Attainments into a WSQ full certification?
6. Conclusion
Let’s start!

What is WSQ?

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The WSQ, or Workforce Skills Qualifications, functions as a nationwide credential system designed to train, enhance, evaluate, and certify workforce skills and competencies. 

Courses accredited by WSQ are aligned with the skills in the Skills Frameworks, offering essential information about job roles and necessary skills for task performance and adaptability. 

WSQ operates within a robust quality assurance framework, covering the development of both technical skills and competencies and critical core skills.

Strict criteria are enforced throughout the process, including the approval of training providers and the conferment of WSQ qualifications, ensuring compliance with required standards and effective delivery. 

This structured and efficient system has been established to foster a resilient training infrastructure that contributes to the development of Singapore’s workforce.

The WSQ is based on 4 tenets:

Relevance: It follows a competency-based approach aimed at cultivating skills and competencies specific to job roles, encompassing critical core skills essential across various positions. Open Access: There are no academic prerequisites for entry, and it acknowledges prior learning, including work experience and credentials. The program offers modular learning, leading to the issuance of a Statement of Attainment. Individuals can accumulate these statements to eventually attain a full WSQ qualification. Progression: The system provides accessible pathways for skill development and qualification that align with the Skills Framework relevant to specific sectors. Authority: Statements of Attainment and qualifications undergo rigorous quality assurance and are conferred by SkillsFuture Singapore and/or in collaboration with established awarding bodies.

What are WSQ e-Certificates?

WSQ certs progression

Trainees who have participated in and demonstrated competence in WSQ training modules or have achieved complete WSQ qualifications will receive electronic certificates. 

These e-Certs will replace the existing procedure of issuing hardcopy certificates.

The certificate as act as a measure of skills proficiency. 

This can be used in job applications and career advancement.

Acquiring a WSQ certificate is a strategic career move with several advantages. 

It demonstrates mastery of job-specific skills, paving the way for career advancement. 

A WSQ certificate enhances employability, especially in roles where these skills are crucial. 

The certificate is also recognised for its industry relevance, it signifies alignment with standards and is accepted by local employers here.  

More importantly, it shows your commitment to personal development and growth.

You can sign up for WSQ courses to attain a WSQ certificate here.

What is the Skills Passport?

The Skills Passport serves as a comprehensive hub for accessing and overseeing your skills, certificates, and licenses. 

It allows for the downloading of e-Certificates and OpenCerts. 

This service is exclusively accessible to Singaporeans and Permanent Residents. 

Users can store various skills, including language, technical, and critical core skills, along with certificates encompassing education and professional qualifications, as well as licenses.

You can think of it like a one-stop e-service for all your WSQ certificates.

Where can I download my WSQ e-Certificates?

#1 — For Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents

Step 1: Visit the SkillsFuture website here

Step 2: Click on ‘Access E-Services’

Step 3: Select ‘Download Certificates’ and you will be prompted to log in

Step 4: Log in via Singpass and you will be redirected to the Skills Passport page, where you can download your e-Certs accordingly

#2 — For Foreigners

Step 1: Visit the SkillsFuture website here

Step 2: Click on ‘Access E-Services’

Step 3: Select ‘Download Certificates’ and you will be prompted to log in

Step 4: Log in with the Portal ID issued to you to access your certificates

Step 5: If you do not have a Portal ID, click on ‘No Portal ID’ and enter the relevant information to download your e-Certs

How Do I Convert My Statement of Attainments Into a WSQ Full Certification?

Before December 31, 2022, if a trainee obtained all Statements of Attainment (SOAs) from various training providers to meet the requirements for a complete WSQ qualification, the trainee had to notify the provider of the last qualifying SOA. 

This provider would then communicate with SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) to generate the full WSQ qualification. 

However, starting January 1, 2023, trainees are eligible for a WSQ full qualification only from SSG-approved WSQ training providers. 

Trainees can combine SOAs from the same provider to achieve a WSQ full qualification, and WSQ training providers may acknowledge SOAs obtained by trainees from other providers following prevailing guidelines on recognition of prior learning.


WSQ courses provides an easy and accessible way to upskill. If you are planning to enrol in a course, you should also know what the funding eligibilities are. Feel free to check out our previous blog on SkillsFuture credits here. You can also contact us via the chatbot or simply drop us a DM on our Instagram page if you’d like.